Visiting and "Wanderlusting" in Mentone, Alabama

Getting Closer to the Destination…

We are inching closer to a FABULOUS destination. It’s been a long road (track) with lots of detours but we are ever so close to putting the final touches to the “Caboose”. Furnishing, decor, interior finishes as well as a firepit, some painting and a bit of landscaping.

So many lessons learned, trials and errors, ups and downs, dissapointments and elation. Times we wanted to quit. Times we did indeed quit. TImes we gave up and times we forged ahead. When one of us quit, the other advanced. We laughed, we cried.

At times I thought this wasn’t a renovation but a revelation of who we were and how we accomplished this difficult project. I won’t say more in an effort to jinx what we have left to do but we are looking forward to opening up our project soon.

Posted 4 weeks ago